EURONETLANG - European network of language minorities - 4° event




 European network of language minorities

 Program 3rd event:

 Best practices, methodologies and instruments to promote, develop and preserve linguistic minorities in EU

 Châteauneuf du Faou 15-18 March 2014


Saturday  15

 20:00-22:00 arrival participiants

Sunday 16 March 2014

 9.00, presentation of the project and of the event

 9:30, The project website: state of art

 10.30, Methdologies to preserve linguistic minorities in local communities: best practice in UE

  Yann Moulin, breton writer
 Chritian Rivoale, director of radio kreiz breihz

Exchange of ideas

12.00, Mayor of Chateauneuf du Faou, presentation of traditional costumes and musical instruments
Welcome drink offered by the Mayor

13:00 buffet

15:00 Visit the old town, castle and gardens Trévarez

 20.00, dinner


 Monday  17 March 2014

 9.30, Laboratory to identify new and innovative methods to promote/preserve/develop minority languages as an important part of EU cultural heritage

 Mariyvonne Blondin ,Senatrice du Finistère Vice Présidente des affaires culturelles au Conseil general  du Finistere

 Representative office Breton language

 13:00 buffet

 15.00  Visit to Spezet and shops with signs in Breton. Visit the chapel crann and monument breizh coop

 19.00 dinner

 Thusday18 March